Transform Nigeria

Transform Nigeria

TRANSFORM NIGERIA: The African giant, Nigeria, is a nation clamoring for change. Having weathered countless storms and many challenges the desire for a Nigerian rebirth has become the cry of this nation rich in potential. Can the sleeping giant awaken as a dominating force on the global landscape? This documentary examines the desire and passion for change that so many have. it is time to transform Nigeria.

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Nigeria secured her independence on October 1st, 1960. Nigerians who witnessed it looked forward to building a great nation. They dreamt of a Nigeria that would make a mark in the history of our world.

How did the giant of Africa, that seemed so promising at independence, come to be so unstable? More than fifty-five years after independence, things haven’t really changed much. Rather, they have gone worse

Most Nigerians would agree that the Nigerian project of the past 55 years has failed. Nigeria has become known as a country of failed leadership and many have been left wondering how the giant of Africa came to be in the quagmire it is trapped in.

There are many that are optimistic that Nigeria is about to come out of the wilderness of leadership failure. That era of leadership failure may now be coming to an end with a new generation searching for lasting solutions to the quest for a prosperous and just society.