Garden of Vegan


The Garden of Vegan – Growth of Veganism in Israel

The largest population of vegans in the world per capita is Israel. This may surprise anyone who knows how much Israelis prize their lamb and turkey shawarma and their chicken schnitzel. Many Israelis grew up eating kosher meat with a notion that the rabbinic stamp of approval meant the process was at least marginally humane.

However, since a spate of gruesome media coverage exposed the leading meat, chicken and dairy companies of abusing animals and employees alike, Israel is looking a little closer at its food industries.

One six-part series of investigative TV programs made consumers queasy when their undercover footage showed the truth about the slaughterhouses and dairy farms of the country’s largest distributor. These types of reports have uncovered widespread criminal abuse of animals in the meat and dairy industry.

One-fifth of the country tuned in to see a prominent vegan activist, Tal Gilboa win a season of the Israeli version of the “Big Brother” reality television show.

Following her win, a massive 60 percent of viewers surveyed by Israel’s financial magazine Globes responded that they have or plan to change their eating habits as a result of the information and passion she shared on air.

Enjoy watching, ‘The Garden of Vegan.’